Elon Musk is on track to become the richest person in the world after a surge in Tesla shares increased his net worth.

SpaceX and Tesla founder’s net worth was $184.5 billion on January 6. The boost means Musk now has trails Amazon founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos by just $3billion in terms of net worth, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a ranking of the world’s 500 wealthiest people.

The Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index, which ranks the net worth of the world’s richest people on a daily basis, largely values a billionaire based on the value of the assets they own.

Bezos has been held the title of world’s wealthiest person since October 2017, and is currently worth $187 billion.

On November 2020, Musk overtook Bill Gates to become the world’s second-richest person with $128 billion.

The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2021
1. Cardano (ADA)
2. Binance Coin (BNB)
3. Polkadot (DOT)
4.Cosmos (ATOM)
5.Tezos (XTZ)

1. Cardano (ADA)

One of the most thoroughly researched blockchains in the market, Cardano decided to take the long path. From the beginning, it forced itself to peer review any piece of technology or claim made by the developer team.

As a result, Cardano has published over 20 research papers on blockchain technology. Every single one is peer-reviewed by neutral third parties with academic backgrounds. …

✴️ American Express enter the Crypto space!

🔹American Express (AmEx) has revealed an investment in the FalconX cryptoc platform. The exchange is designed for institutional customers and claims $3 billion in volume per month.

🔹American Express (AmEx), the well-known payment card provider, is entering the cryptomoney market with multi-million dollar funding in FalconX. The company is developing a trading platform for cryptomoney trading dedicated to institutional investors.

🔹Neither company has disclosed the amount of the investment, although it follows an initial financing of $17 million in May. This round of financing included the participation of Accel, Accomplice VC, Avon Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Flybridge Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Bank in German Country Launches Bitcoin and Ethereum Fund

A German bank that has been operating since 1796 has announced a new way for professional and semi-professional investors to invest in leading crypto assets such as bitcoin and ethereum.

“We are seeing that digital assets and cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly attractive with institutional investors,” said Dr. Holger Sepp, member of the board of Hauck & Aufhäuser before further adding:

“With the launch of our first crypto fund, together with Kapilendo, we have created an innovative investment vehicle that gives our customers inexpensive and secure access to the new crypto asset class while meeting the established quality standards and high demands of Hauck & Aufhäuser.”

From PayPal, MicroStrategy, Institutional Investors, now Private Banks.

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The Benefits of the Bear Market.

I am not becoming a #pessimist now or not predicting anything regarding the market where it is going, market always runs in cycles like weather does, after summer there must be winter, same after the #bear there must be #bull run.

But each market cycle has its own merits & demerits, lets discuss the benefits of a bear market,

1. Find Who Is Real, Who Is Fake: In a bull market, when everything going great people or influencers fall into euphoria and claims from #MOON to #SUN and Many other Planetary Predictions, but in…

Last time when Bitcoin broke its previous all-time-high of $1,143 on February 24th 2017,a heavy alt season followed by 3 days afterwards for 3.5 months between February 27th to June 19th.

That means if Bitcoin breaks its previous all-time-high of $20,000, a 3 months long alt season that we have all been waiting for could follow…This happens when Bitcoin holders take profits on their Bitcoin and put it into altcoins, see here.

In fact, this alt season could have started already 2 weeks ago on November 7th since Bitcoin is already so close to ATH, because 2 weeks ago altcoins…

How you can profit by analyzing and predicting human behaviors using the language of Technical Analysis. Part 2

Let’s say you were to buy an Altcoin for $100 in hopes that you’ll be able to sell it at a later point in time for a higher price. As weeks go by, you watch the value of it increase from $100 to $300 to $500. You’d be feeling pretty excited and euphoric and be telling yourself that you made the right decision.

However, the next couple of weeks you watch it decrease in value from $500 to $400 to $300. Psychologically…

Personality of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is anonymous, the only thing which is unquestionable is his heritage, namely BTC coding, whitepaper, Satoshi’s letters, and Bitcointalk forum posts.

This way, we can assume Bitcoin’s original idea was to serve as a medium of exchange, what Satoshi called a “version of electronic cash.”

How come that BTC has became a store of value, with people more eager to hold it rather than exchange?

1) Bitcoin emission is limited in quantity

As the Bitcoin supply is capped at 21 million, investors follow the supply and demand lay and expect that with the growth…

For the first time ever in the history , Indian bank United Multistate Credit Co. Operative Society is planning to offer crypto services to all Indian consumers and those who are excited about emerging crypto industry and technology.

The collaboration is likely to happen with crypto banking service provider CASHAA.United has established a joint venture dubbed UNICAS that aims to provide both online crypto banking services and walk-in services across 34 physical branches in northern India.

This move by United and Cashaa comes amid India’s uncertain crypto regulations. While the Supreme Court of India provided some relief on banning virtual…

Rise Of #Stablecoins, Thanks to #DeFi.

Stablecoins are the tokens which provide stability while the market goes up OR down, these stablecoins are generally a form of digital currency, like USDT in against of US #Dollars, 1 USDT generally equals to 1 Dollar although it also depends on the Demand and Supply as well, Will get deep dive into later. …

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